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We are a multi-faceted Consultancy Provider, with a mix of Information Security Solutions
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Looking to get over your Infrastructure Writers Block? Talk to us. With years of experience in Enterprise Solutions, we can help organizations of all sizes to overcome any IT hurdle.

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Thinking about the cloud? That’s great! We’re here to help put you in the right direction. With over 10 years of experience in Outsourced Infrastructure. We know all the buzz words.

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Information Security

Your information. Your technology. Protected, secured. We provide knowledge, guidance, and strategies. To analyse, detect, defend and remediation.

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Managed Security

For our clients who demand the utmost intelligence about their Information Systems. We provide a Cloud-Managed Information Security Solution. Delivering fast insight and recommendations.

About Us

D T Consulting. We've been in the game before it was a buzzword.
Before there was the cloud, there was Outsourcing.

We are a multi-disciplined Information Technology Consultancy team. With years of experience, spanning back to before the Dot.Com boom.

We were there when the Cloud was IaaS, and when IaaS was Outsourcing.

Our team of highly skilled Consultants, are here to help you find you way through the buzz words and acronyms, of today's ever changing IT Sales Teams.

  • 90 percent of the work that we do for clients are in the Infrastructure Consulting field.

  • Our 100 percent hit rate of cloud migrations, means we have some clue about the Cloud.

  • On average, when working with our customers. We're able to help them achieve, on average, a 65 percent reduction in OPEX.

Our Team

Our consultants are here to help

Dorien T.

Infrastructure/Cloud Consultant
Before there was the Cloud, there was IaaS. And before IaaS, people were Outsourcing. having seen the industry change, from using one name, to another, but delivering the same service. Dorien has the experience and knowledge needed to help you get the most for your budget.

Pia V.

With a background in Software Development, and the Medical Software Industry. Pia is more than capable in helping you develop a methodical step-by-step solution. No big words, just more down to earth solutions.

Simon L.

Business Development
When you have Sales people pitching different solutions, and just need someone to cut through the B.S. Our man Simon will help you cut through it all, and get to the point. No B.S.

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